About Us

We are a team of fully qualified therapists with a positive approach to mental and physical wellbeing, naturally. Our aim is to show you how the complimentary therapy, Reflexology, can have a massive impact on balancing your mind and body.

As a charity, all of our treatments are free of charge, but we do ask for donations where possible.

Our in house volunteer is Keith, who has practiced Reflexology for over 30 years.
Keith has a fascinating insight into the origins of mental and physical ailments, treating with the understanding that the body will heal itself when the correct balance is achieved.

He will encourage you to understand how you can alter your mind and body to bring about your desired balance with a little practice.

He has had much success with a fertility programme he created for couples struggling to conceive. You can read a few of the true life stories and download a copy of the “How to become pregnant” ebook. Just click the natural fertility page.

All the money received from the ebook sales will remain in the charity helping us to help you.